Ramses Garcia Photo

Who am i ?

Hey! I’m Ramses Garcia!

I’m a wedding and destination elopement photographer based out of South Florida. A couple of years ago with a big support of my wife I decided to follow a passion of mine that I’ve always had. Photography. Since I was in high school, I always enjoyed being behind the camera. I studied Film for 4 years, and then I was talked out of making it my true career by my parents. A couple of years ago, my passion was reignited by my wife when she purchased my first DSLR. She thought it would help me express myself better, than just using my phone, or a point and shoot camera that I was using at the time. 

Flash forward a couple years later, I was asked to capture what I thought was a “friend’s gathering” at a co-workers house. Little did I know that it was a full fledged wedding. On top of that many sport celebrities were in attendance. My nerves that night were through the roof. That night without any training, I shot my first wedding. After shooting that wedding, I youtube’d everything I possibly could about wedding photography. I got obsessed with it. I noticed I had the eye for it. I just wanted to make sure if I was really going to take this seriously, that I was    knew what I was jumping into. Until this date, I’m still in love with it. I feel it’s not only my passion, but it’s my true purpose. 

In spare time there’s a couple thing I love to do. Traveling I feel is something I feel we take with us when we are long and gone. I love exploring new places, with my wife & family. I’m a huge sucker for sports. I may be from Miami, but I’m a die hard New England Patriots fan. My wife complain’s sadly because all I have on at home is usually ESPN. I’m also a big lover of movies. Pretty much anything that’s action, comedy, or comic book related I’m in. I feel that movies, have a way to translate to what I do. I use them as a big source of inspiration, because I love the storytelling part of film. Lastly, I love spending time with my wife. She’s my rock and my best friend. She’s a big supporter of what I do everyday. She believed in me, before anyone did in following my dream. 

I’m honestly honored anytime that someone reaches out, because they are supporting my passion. Wedding’s are such meaningful occurrences, that for sometime to want me to document their day, to have for the rest of their life — it’s a humbling experience. 

If you feel that me you are a match, then reach out! I would love to meet you over coffee! 

I’m looking to be the narrator of your journey through photos. Tell me your story, and let’s create something beautiful together.