Ramses Garcia Photo


My Photography journey started approximately 5 years ago. I wasn't always into shooting weddings. I originally started shooting something I'm very passionate about -- which is music. My girlfriend at the time bought be my first DSLR after she overheard me say I thought it was so cool to go and photograph concerts. In high school I studied film and even when I left, I would always would be using my go pro to create video's of my traveling adventures with my wife, or of my pets. I soon after started photographing concerts for fun, and have been able to photograph some of my favorite bands in person because of it. 

Soon after her buying my first DSLR, it multiplied. I bought different kinds of camera's because the hobby consumed me. A couple years after that, one of my good friends at work asked me to photograph a "event" for him he was having at this friends house.  Little did I know that it was going to turn out to be a backyard wedding. I showed up that day with two camera's,  thinking it was going to be a get together from family he had that was coming over. But it soon turned into full fledged wedding and that's when I caught the wedding photograph bug. Capturing moments came to me naturaly because of the fact that I photographed concerts. After that wedding, I KNEW I wanted to pursue this as something serious. It was so much fun, and it let myself express myself creatively. 

My approach to wedding photography is simple. I want to build a trust and a relationship with my couples as if they were my own family. I feel this is a huge proponent in wedding photography, because when I show up to your wedding I want to be able to capture true moments on camera. Moment's that are genuine, authentic, messy, beautiful, awkward and funny. The laughter, the ugly crying, the huge hug's with family members -- that is what a wedding is ALL about.